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June 2008 Archives

Shipping out

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On the way home from the Amundsen I take part in a whale survey.

Taking the waters

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Ice surface reflectivity results and a successful catch of Arctic cod larvae.

Missing wildlife

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Researchers hit the onboard laboratories as the Amundsen moves to another sampling station.

Open water

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Ocean sampling takes off in earnest.

Fuelling up

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The icebreaker refuels and the researchers move their equipment ready for the move into open water.

Wading through melt pools

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Today researchers take measurements out on the ice, perhaps for the last time this trip.

Breaking the ice

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After waiting for the fog to clear, today I join researchers on board the Amundsen.

Heading north

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Just one flight into my epic six-flight trip to join the Amundsen icebreaker in the Canadian Arctic and I had already seen a polar bear. Admittedly it was made of plastic and a little closer than I'd like to get to any real ones I come across during the next week, but I'm taking it as a good omen.


Coming soon

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Research news straight from the Amundsen, a Canadian icebreaker where scientists are investigating climate change in the Arctic Ocean for International Polar Year.