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Sustain to gain: March 2012 Archives

Planet Under Pressure integrates more than 3000 people of diverse research communities into a four-day conference in London these days. What this conference makes really great is that people from very different disciplines talk to each other and try to get the social and environmental issues together from various angles: demographics, climate change mitigation and adaptation, migration, infrastructures, cities, subsistence farming, and so on.

You can follow the plenary discussion online!

In the demographics session today, the report Migration and Global Environmental Change was presented.

One key insight is that migration, in terms of percentage of total population, remains largely unchanged. Migration is driven by multiple causes, and environmental threats can be dominant in specific cases. Crucially, the report understands migration as adaptation of individuals and households – it does not need to be interpreted as something that needs to be avoided. In fact, more worrisome than migration can be the absence of migration: the poorest part of populations in many cases lacks the (financial) capacity to move around.

Another result of the report is that migration often leads to higher exposure of environmental hazards (e.g. when urbanization increasingly results in migrants occupying land under high flooding risk).