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Environmental Research Letters (ERL) is a high-impact, open-access research journal intended as the meeting place of the research and policy communities concerned with environmental change and management. If you have not submitted to ERL before, please see the journal scope for information on the specific subject coverage.

A research Letter in ERL should form a brief (2500 to 4000 words, including text and figures), timely and important contribution to a particular subfield of environmental science deserving rapid publication. In particular a Letter should report new and original research of outstanding quality that makes significance advances in a subject of particular current interest to the environmental science research community.

To ensure maximal appeal to the journal's broad readership the peer review of all articles is directed by the Editorial Board. Every submission to ERL is preliminarily assessed for suitability before being sent to independent referees for formal review. To aid this process all authors are required to accompany their article with the following supplementary information detailing the particular significance of their work:

  • a statement of the significance and originality of your work;
  • key points for potential commentary on the wider significance of your work;
  • a list of 2 to 4 papers that your work extends, impacts or contradicts;

This information together with your article will be sent to the Editorial Board and referees for their consideration as part of the refereeing procedure.

Comprehensive information on preparing your article files for submission and on the options for submitting your article to ERL can be found in our Guidelines for authors and you can Submit an article via our online submissions system.