This increase supports previous reports showing that rainfall enhancement is observed downwind (and close) to urban centers. In contrast to a few previous reports, no decrease in the ratio between the mountain precipitation to that over the coastal region was found. Over the period of the present study, the rainfall ratio between the upwind slopes and the seashore remained unchanged, with a slight increase in the central part of the country.

The only hilly place where a slight decrease in annual rainfall was observed is the lee side (eastern slopes) of the Galilee Mountains. This result is important because the eastern slopes of the Galilee Mountains have for years been part of the target area for Israeli artificial cloud seeding for rain enhancement. The results therefore suggest that unless there was a pronounced change in the synoptic conditions during rain spells, seeding in Israel had no positive effect on rainfall amounts.

This forms the abstract of an article published in Environmental Research Letters. The full article is available here.

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