Since its launch in 2006, the open access journal Environmental Research Letters (ERL) has gone from strength to strength; its 2013 impact factor is 4.090. (Disclosure: ERL is the sister product to environmentalresearchweb). To build on this success and offer an additional service to the community, the journal’s new reviews section will contain systematic, evidence-based reviews of research from a range of topics in line with ERL’s broad scope.

Environmental Research Reviews editor Dan Rubenstein of Princeton University, US, spoke to environmentalresearchweb about his vision for the section, why it’s unique, which areas of research he feels are most exciting right now, the types of review he and the editorial board are looking for, and how this will enable researchers to stand on the shoulders of others and could even lead to new avenues for investigation.

Dan Rubenstein
Dan Rubenstein of Princeton University details his plans for Environmental Research Letters’ new reviews section. Image credit Nancy Rubenstein.
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