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environmentalresearchweb finds a new home

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Warming climate increases Sahara's spread

Desert grown by at least 10% over last century

Rising sea levels come at steeper cost

Four studies detail latest on rates, impact, boulder-shifting and more

Snowpack declines in western US

More than 90% of sites in study show decrease

Mussels modify sinking of small-sized ocean plastics

Biofouling enhances microplastic deposition to marine sediments

Action needed now to save forest area the size of India

An area of forest the size of India will be lost by 2050 unless carbon pricing and anti-deforestation policies are put in place

The mistletoe of the future could kill more trees

Mistletoe being friend or foe lies in the eye of the beholder, say scientists

More ambitious climate targets could save coastal ecosystems

Stabilising temperature rise at 1.5°C instead of 2°C would reduce global average sea-level in 2150 by about 17 cm

Solar-powered jets could some day take off

High-temperature solar reactor could create syngas, for conversion into kerosene, from water and carbon dioxide

Landscape can halve wind farm power output

Siting near sharp-edged escarpments could be problematic

Wetlands not culprit behind rising methane concentrations

Sudden renewed growth in atmospheric methane levels since 2007 still a mystery

Sowing Indian wheat earlier could boost yields

Changing management could counteract some yield drops due to warming

Lizards help to explain climate impacts

Team classifies ecological niches for 134 species of lizard

Earthquake reveals impact of sea-level rise

Large tremor in Solomon Islands showed effects of changing seas on coral, mangroves and seagrass

Solar electrification empowers women

Roll-out of photovoltaic irrigation system in Benin brought women economic independence

Satellites underestimate forest loss

Smaller clearings more likely to be missed, research shows

World set for 3.4˚C by 2100

Slightly reduced warming level relies on efforts of India and China

Flash news: climate change likely to bring more deaths

Largest study to date indicates nearly 13% more deaths in Southeast Asia unless action taken

Including snowflake size benefits Antarctic sea-ice simulation

Accounting for radiative effects of precipitating ice clouds reduces mismatch between models and observations

Surface water could refill Californian groundwater supplies

Enough surface water spare following storms to pay off 'overdraft'