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Offshore constructions boost jellyfish numbers

Sites such as oil and gas platforms provide habitat for jellyfish larvae

Diversity can mitigate the effects of drought

Experimental work in Borneo suggests biodiversity mitigates the effects of drought in tropical rainforests

Environmental zones make it easier to picture changes in climate

Bioclimate stratification reveals that more of the planet will feel like the hottest parts of the Sahara Desert by 2050

High marine extinction risk by 2100

“Critical threshold for mass extinction could be 310 billion tons of carbon added to the oceans

Do topological waves occur in the oceans?

Kelvin and Yanai waves share similarities with topological insulators

Noise at night boosts pregnancy diabetes risk

Korean women in noisy areas 1.6 times more likely to develop gestational diabetes mellitus

‘Greening’ Sahara may boost the activity of Atlantic tropical cyclones

Increased vegetation cover and reduced dust emissions from Sahara due to climate change could impact tropical storms

Sustainable irrigation may harm other development goals, study shows

Measure could increase food prices and expand cropland unless efficiency improves too

Evaporation could offer renewable energy

Harnessing water cycle could produce bulk of US electricity as well as saving one-fifth of water consumption

Flash news: North American monsoon could dry up

Sea surface temperature corrections reveal potential precipitation changes

Climate change to give planes a bumpy ride

Flight turbulence could double unless emissions are curbed, simulations reveal

Storm forecast could cut Lake Victoria deaths

VIEWS thunderstorm prediction system may save fishermen

Alarm at rise in forest carbon

Tropical forests released more carbon this century than they absorbed

Rough faults generate slow earthquakes

Experiments have shed new light on how the processes leading up to an earthquake are affected by the "roughness" of a fault

Did embryonic plate tectonics give birth to the continents?

Early plate tectonics linked to rise of landmasses and maybe even increase in atmospheric oxygen

US stands to save billions through renewable energy usage

Better air quality and climate change mitigation would bring a large net economic benefit, study finds

Evaporation drains Caspian Sea level

Lake only about one metre above its catastrophic low of 40 years ago

Irrigating crops with untreated wastewater exposes huge numbers to health risk

Area of affected cropland is 50% more than last estimate, putting more than 885 million people at risk

Flash news: limiting temperature increase to 1.5°C ‘not yet geophysically impossible’

But meeting target may require more ambitious emission reductions than pledged to date

Can agricultural changes save the monarch butterfly?

Restoring milkweed to marginal agricultural land could boost eastern migratory population