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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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Study uncovers widespread leak risk for US underground natural gas storage wells

More than 1 in 5 could be vulnerable to leaks due to obsolete well designs

Cyanobacteria highlight water-quality threats

Bioindicator provides early detection of environmental degradation near Italian coast

Space radiation brought down to Earth

Laser-plasma accelerator used to simulate space radiation

Eyes show that stress reduces climate concern

Eye-tracking study reveals how attention to climate change images varies

Big data reveal deforestation hot spots

New methodology identifies areas of intensified forest loss fast and at high resolution

Research reveals strong link between drug trafficking and Central American forest loss

Cocaine may be behind up to 30% of annual deforestation in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala

Latin American oil palm mostly replaces pasture

Region is "major opportunity" for sustainable palm-oil sector

Ocean oxygen decline greater than predicted

Circulation changes caused by warming waters and melting polar ice are the most probable explanations for the rapidly falling levels of oxygen in the ocean

Cleaner cookstoves might benefit Mozambicans

Air quality, health and climate improved by updated tech

Venting of gas during oil production may be source of mystery methane

Atmospheric concentrations of methane had puzzled scientists by being higher than expected

Nuanced picture emerges of IS land seizure effect on agriculture in Iraq and Syria

Low intensity agriculture generally maintained but some cropland has turned fallow

American climate refugees could flee inland

The population of inland American cities will alter drastically if predictions of dramatic sea level rises by 2100 are correct, new report suggests

Trading long-term carbon dioxide removal futures would be 'reckless'

Technology risk and long timescales could prove problematic

Cities in Southeast Asia, Eastern Africa and on US West Coast need to act on sea-level rise most urgently

By 2050 Guangzhou, China, tops table for greatest damage likely to be suffered from an extreme coastal flood

Travel disruption due to landslide even more expensive than road repair

Analysis technique for 2007 landslide on Scotland’s A83 could also suit other hazards that block roads

Climate change promises rough ride for airlines

Passengers on transatlantic flights face scary moments as climate change driven by CO2 emissions increases turbulence

Rising US maize yields due to skewed gains

Precision agriculture on the best soils has reaped rewards, researchers say

Global temperature hiatus claims ‘based on statistical errors’

Pitfalls of statistical analysis have led to incorrect claims of an unexpected or significant warming slowdown, say scientists

Bristlecone pine analysis improves accuracy of climate reconstructions

Temperature threshold differentiates between temperature- and moisture-sensitive samples; topoclimate analysis details changes in treeline position

Slice of Greenland ice melts into oblivion

Coastal glaciers in terminal decline as Greenland ice runs into the ocean and threatens to raise sea levels by the end of the century