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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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Wood-fired power generation could harm climate

Model shows warming is worsened this century even when wood displaces coal and forests are regrown

Where will palm trees reach their limit?

Expansion north depends on coldest month average temperature, study finds

Loss of unregarded forests is at danger level

Tropical trees are dying faster than 35 years ago, whilst 80% of woodlands are degraded

Importing meat may keep rivers clean

Some watersheds deal better with pollution from livestock farming

European cities could suffer under climate change

Predicted increases in drought, floods and heatwaves across continent

Ocean acidification weakens coral skeletons

Coral density could drop by 20% by 2100, study shows

South African wildfires cool climate

Smoke brightens clouds above Atlantic, reflecting more sunlight

Rising sea levels come at steeper cost

Four studies detail latest on rates, impact, boulder-shifting and more

Snowpack declines in western US

More than 90% of sites in study show decrease

Deaths from storm surges have dropped

But climate change could counteract improvements in warning and evacuation

Europe's cars are 'untapped gold mine'

Around 20 tonnes of gold scrapped in vehicles each year

Marine sprawl could harm ecosystems

Study of Sydney Harbour reveals differences in natural and artificial habitats

Heart attacks can rise during extremes of heat

Temperature fluctuations linked to increase in myocardial infarctions

Sea-level rise threatens US Pacific coast wetlands

Marshes in Washington, Oregon and California may be completely lost as oceans rise

How does carbon pricing affect revenue and expenditure?

Global study compares extraction, combustion and consumption-based accounting of greenhouse-gas emissions costs

City grids heat things up

More chaotic cities have lower urban heat island effect

Heat-wave exposure in India set to rise up to 200-fold

Limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C would cut exposure by half by 2050, compared to business-as-usual

King penguins face a shrinking realm

More than a million breeding pairs at risk as Antarctic ocean front moves

Population grows in US floodplains

Three times more people could be at risk than previous estimates

Satellites reveal extent of global fishing

More than half world's oceans experience industrial fishing