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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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Worse climate change in the offing

Scientist networks present the 10 ‘must knows’ on climate change to UN summit

Flash news: Harvey-scale rainfall risk to be 18% each year in Texas

Climate change could see much higher likelihood of heavy rainfall by end of century

Arctic routes are seasonally predictable

Though predictions possible from January onwards, results much better after May

Increase in deforestation due to medium- and large-scale clearing

Picture not uniform around globe, and forest loss in Brazil is rebounding

Warming helps toxins to thrive

Climate change could exacerbate mould growth on poorly stored food crops

How does tropospheric ozone affect greenhouse gas budgets?

Enhanced soil respiration dominated suppressed methane and nitrous oxide emissions if ozone concentrations increased by 30 ppb

Air quality and health in US will improve from other nations’ actions to slow climate change

Other countries could contribute 62% of reduction in ozone-related deaths in US

Flash news: ozone hole smallest since 1988

Warmer Antarctic vortex brought fewer polar stratospheric clouds

Forests can bring 1.5°C Paris target closer

Boosting forest ‘sink’ could achieve one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions cuts required

What’s the outlook for carbon capture directly from the air?

Enhanced oil recovery and micro-algae growth are most promising applications for end-product, researchers find

Study: Air pollution battle is crucial to China’s public health

Air quality improvement measures are working, satellite data show

Only multi-targeted immediate action can mitigate dangerous climate change

Keeping global warming below 2°C is still possible, recent studies suggest

Rising seas may bring more superstorms

By 2030, the one in 500 years flood risk of preindustrial times could occur every 5 years

Consulting community helps assess groundwater degradation

Local knowledge compensated for lack of data in groundwater degradation project in Yemen

Cutting food waste helps improve your ‘foodprint’

Around a third of resources used to produce US food are discarded through food loss and waste

Political views have limited impact on how we perceive climate anomalies, study finds

People in Oklahoma ‘apart from slight biases at the extreme ends of the political spectrum', readily perceived feedback from the climate system

Third of land could experience novel future climate

Under four degrees of warming, large area could have no current climate analogue

Logged forests still offer refuge for endangered tropical species

Selectively logged tropical forest can offer animals important protection from the effects of climate change.

Warming soils bad for atmosphere

Long term heating experiments in Harvard Forest reveal microbial soil respiration speed-up

Flash news: Ten river systems transported 90% of plastic waste in the sea

Large rivers carry more plastic per cubic metre of water, study finds