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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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Waste heat, light and water could help urban agriculture grow

Using city leftovers may cut energy footprint of food production

US citizens less well informed on fracking than those in UK

UK dwellers also more concerned about energy security

Ozone loss may have caused mass extinction

Have dwarf pines revealed the secrets of the end of the Permian?

Mussels modify sinking of small-sized ocean plastics

Biofouling enhances microplastic deposition to marine sediments

Unfamiliar climates await poorest countries

New approach to evaluating adaptive capacity paints bleak outlook

'Split or strongly tilted' jet stream brings blocking to Scandinavia

Analysis identifies new type of jet stream, clears up link with Northern European weather

Solar geoengineering threatens global biodiversity

A sudden start or stop to geoengineering could hamper adaptation of animals and plants

Seabird poop warms the Earth, and cools it

Climate effects of birds, algae and Amazon rainforest under scrutiny

Reports of coal’s terminal decline are premature

Expansion in Turkey, Indonesia and Vietnam counteracts reductions by China and India

Climate change to shift timing of glacial runoff

Freshwater runoff from many glaciers likely to alter as planet warms, affecting downstream communities

Pollution boosts risk of lightning

Skies with higher aerosol concentrations show more activity, even when weather ruled out as common factor

Replacing LED light bulbs before they fail may be greener

Bulb manufacturers should focus on making LED bulbs more energy efficient before increasing lifetimes, study finds

Polar bears lose weight as climate bites

Animals’ metabolic rate more than 50% above previous calculations

Flash news: permafrost contains huge amounts of mercury

Northern hemisphere permafrost stores twice as much toxic element as rest of planet

Critical thinking could be key for debunking climate myths

Six-step process helps people detect and analyse poor reasoning

Extreme flood events now more frequent and severe

Northern hemisphere most affected, study shows

Coral reefs face infection risk from plastic

Waste can boost risk from microbes twentyfold

Ocean surface could be plastic-free within three years once littering stops

Reducing plastic waste could be better strategy than cleaning up, model reveals

Scientists discover new link to El Niño

Arctic stratospheric ozone may alter sea-surface temperatures in North Pacific

Expedition aimed to mitigate earthquake risk in New Zealand

Seismic data from colliding Pacific and Australian plates could reveal fault slip secrets