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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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Understanding vanadium leaching improves prospects for reuse of steel slag

Discovery could also aid risk assessment of legacy slag heaps

Keeping buildings cool by sending heat into outer space

Photonic devices could cut air-conditioning bills

1°C rise has massive polar impact

Heating water almost doubled growth of life on Antarctic seabed

US public backs carbon tax, and spending revenue on renewables

Average American household willing to pay around $177 a year in carbon tax on energy bills

Smartphone app reveals product carbon footprint during supermarket shop

Real-time info provided in aisles during trial

Community spirit led to people staying put during Hurricane Matthew

People in Florida with better access to resources and support were less likely to evacuate their homes during hurricane

Warming linked to Storm Harvey devastation

Climate change did not cause hurricane but likely to have intensified the storm

Fewer hurricanes in the near-future, study suggests

Researchers predict a decrease in seasonal tropical cyclone activity over the North Atlantic for 2016–2030

Tropical forests could survive warming

Photosynthesis may be more resilient than previously thought, research suggests

Did the Pacific ‘warm blob’ cause El Niño?

Ocean hotspot was a precursor, study finds, and could help predict El Niño variability

City trees boost health and wealth

By delivering shade, soaking up carbon, disposing of airborne pollution and absorbing water, trees ameliorate climate, cut heating and air-conditioning costs, and improve public health

Study claims disconnect in ExxonMobil’s communications on climate science

More than 80% of energy giant’s advertorials expressed doubt despite 80% or more of its peer-reviewed papers and internal documents acknowledging that climate change is real and human-caused

New York City was some 10°C hotter than local countryside during 2016 heatwaves

Team also found evidence for an internal boundary layer in areas with tall buildings

Rising warmth risks Arctic dogs' survival

Greenland's sled dog population has halved due to climate and other change

EU accession linked to lower power-plant emissions

Study of post-Soviet nations reveals supranational governance can be effective

Team sizes up packaged water waste in West Africa

Lack of safe water provision on tap and waste disposal facilities bring plastic pollution

Tackling environment and poverty together proves 'win-win'

Improving residents' incomes can promote ecological restoration, shows study of Changting County in China

Drought’s lingering death may beat rains’ return

More frequent droughts predicted for the future may not allow ecosystems enough time to recover

Flash news: radioactive iodine reveals ocean currents

Isotope from nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in Europe travels to Bermuda

Bioenergy carbon capture and storage plants ‘should be inefficient’

An inefficient BECCS facility is cheaper to build and removes more carbon dioxide per unit of power generated, study finds