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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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India's cycling 'sweet spot'

More non-motorized transport would lower emissions and improve public health, say researchers

Urban forests add to cities’ health and wealth

Tree cover contributes $500 million to average megacity

Aviation biofuels may not cut contrail warming

Paraffinic biofuels cut carbon emissions but have mixed effects on contrails

WISDOM reveals wood fuel shortage hotspots

Analysis highlights priority areas for provision of alternative energy sources

How well did subsidies for solar panels on US homes work?

Most funding reaches areas with higher incomes, study finds

Bleaching hits coral reefs faster

Five times higher risk of ocean temperatures rising beyond threshold

Concentration of small air pollution particles has risen by more than one-third

Long-term exposure to PM2.5 now causes nearly 90% more deaths worldwide than in 1960

New satellites set to eye up Earth’s ice and water

Follow-on versions of GRACE and ICESat due for launch this year

Archaeology may help climate-change adaptation

Ancient water-management techniques may hold key to adapting to widespread drying

Arctic reaches a ‘new normal’

Region showing no signs of returning to its ‘reliably frozen state’ of a decade ago

California’s water saving brings bonus effects

Greenhouse gas emissions and electricity usage also reduced

Carbon dioxide can make useable fuel

Researchers turn greenhouse gas into rock and water into hydrogen

Global store of nitrate pollution revealed

Nitrate storage in unsaturated zone quantified on worldwide scale.

Climate change may increase volcanism as planet warms

Warming could increase frequency and severity of volcanic eruptions, threatening transport and agriculture

Humidity is the real heatwave threat

By century’s end, people in some regions may not be able to work outside during hot spells

Action needed now to save forest area the size of India

An area of forest the size of India will be lost by 2050 unless carbon pricing and anti-deforestation policies are put in place

The mistletoe of the future could kill more trees

Mistletoe being friend or foe lies in the eye of the beholder, say scientists

More ambitious climate targets could save coastal ecosystems

Stabilising temperature rise at 1.5°C instead of 2°C would reduce global average sea-level in 2150 by about 17 cm

Solar-powered jets could some day take off

High-temperature solar reactor could create syngas, for conversion into kerosene, from water and carbon dioxide

Landscape can halve wind farm power output

Siting near sharp-edged escarpments could be problematic