“Mini-IPCC” report focuses on North America

US Climate Change Science Program releases report on abrupt climate change.

Sour future for the oceans?

Call for carbon-dioxide levels to be brought down to 350 ppm to prevent ocean acidification and huge economic losses.

Predicting the climate future

Forum for the Future suggests five likely scenarios for the world in 2050.

Moving times for wildlife

Climate change is already causing disruptions in species ranges but tropical species have fewer options than those at mid-latitudes.

Climate adaptation takes the stage

Physical and social scientists must work together to make and employ the predictions needed to inform policymaking for climate adaptation and mitigation.

Monitoring the melting of the Arctic

Liz Kalaugher joins a research ship in the Canadian Arctic to find out how microwave imaging can reveal where and how fast the ice is melting.

Climate talks continue in Ghana

Deforestation and sectoral approach prove key areas for discussion.

Renewable energy: price and policy are key

Sustainable energy resources are plentiful but exploiting them at large scales is more of a challenge, heard delegates at the WREN conference.

Going sour: protecting the oceans

Including ocean acidification worries in carbon regulation would probably lower emissions targets, say researchers.

Renewable energy investment takes off

In 2007 $148 bn was invested in clean energy and energy efficiency, says the latest report for the UN Environment Programme.

Decadal predictions: put your money where your mouth is

Climate researchers challenged to back up their ten-year forecasts of a temporary lull in rising temperatures with €2500 wager.

The environmental e-science revolution

Scientists gather in London to swap ideas on the future of climate modelling, how information technologies can help environmental research, and more.

Modelling comes under scrutiny

European Geosciences Union Assembly debates whether modelling is more than a fashionable indoor sport.

Improving environmental treaties

With the exception of the Montrol Protocol, international environmental agreements have been unsuccessful.

Palaeodata can constrain “wild modellers”

Leverhulme Climate Symposium 2008 brings two disparate scientific communities together.

Warming up the disease debate

Climate change is not yet a major driving force behind the increase in epidemic infectious disease.

AAAS "seas" the future

Threats to oceans highlighted at American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting.

Finding food risk hot spots

Researchers in the US have attempted to quantify where climate change will have the most detrimental effects on food availability.

European Union sets next round of emissions targets

But will individual country objectives have enough impact for the EU to meet its greenhouse gas commitments?

The hidden costs of biofuels

Although they can cut greenhouse gas emissions, biofuels may have other environmental impacts that are harmful.