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Focus on geoengineering

Research, ethics, opinion and more


Geoengineering: no need for dedicated research

Ken Caldeira recommends study of geoengineering alongside existing programmes, and no research on implementation techniques

Geoengineering: the most reluctant research field?

Scientists at Royal Society meeting stress that geoengineering is a last resort

Testing times for geoengineering

Solar-radiation measurement techniques would be impossible to trial on small scale, say scientists

Engineering the climate

Peter Cox and Hazel Jeffery call for the taboo on geoengineering to be lifted.

AGU meeting looks for answers

Arctic sea ice, climate tipping points and geoengineering were just a few of the themes under scrutiny in San Francisco.


Trial subjects aware of geoengineering donate more to climate-change mitigation

People spend more on mitigation projects if informed about aerosol injection, study finds

Could geoengineering counteract any increase in hurricane frequency?

Study indicates high aerosol loading required could bring other problems

Geoengineering may not stop short-term sea-level rise

Study of Greenland ice sheet finds solar radiation management may produce just 3% of its long-term sea-level-rise avoidance in first century after implementation

Is geoengineering too risky?

Solar radiation management using aerosols could be most dangerous under high greenhouse gas concentrations – the scenario where it's needed most

Sulphate geoengineering would harm tropical climate

Slashing of rainfall missed by models that ‘turn down the Sun’

Solar geoengineering coalitions have an incentive to exclude – with VIDEO

Politics of solar radiation management fundamentally different to cutting greenhouse-gas emissions, where problem is preventing free riders, say researchers

Olivine geoengineering could affect marine life

Adding mineral to oceans found to alter plankton growth


Geoengineering – a last-minute response to climate change?

Geoengineering is a pretty inelegant “end of pipe” approach that is best seen as an ancillary option, says Dave Elliott.

The dangerous vagary in ‘geoengineering’

The term is too broad and could confuse, argues James Dacey.

AGU meeting: to geoengineer or not to geoengineer?

From sulphate aerosols to cloud modification, submissions to this AGU session were double those the year before.