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North Atlantic ocean currents are slowing

Heat pump at its weakest in 1000 years

Brine shrimp mix up oceans

Collective vertical migration generates downward jets

Solomon Island logging set to harm water quality

Resulting soil erosion likely to be unsustainable

Old carbon drains from Arctic water systems

Results hint at 'permafrost carbon feedback'

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Jacobson’s new 100% renewables model aims to rebut critics

Prof. Mark Jacobson and his team from Stanford University claim that 100% of all giobal energy can come from renewable sources (with biomass excluded) by 2050, Jacobson’s new 100% renewables model aims to rebut critics and they have responded to criticisms of their lnitial work with a new set of scenarios, which they say confirms their view that it can be done- and with full grid balancing.

Supporting Renewables: FiTs not tenders?

Feed In Tarrifs have been very succesful at supporting the expansion of renewables in the EU. But they are being replaced by competitive contract auction /project tendering systems, there and elsewhere. Some very low price bids have certainly resulted, but not everyone is convinced that they will deliver as much capacity- there could be a destructive race to the bottom. That could slow the push to 100% renewables thats some see is possible.

EGU 2018: robot boats assess the Danube

Every morning this week, thousands of geoscientists have taken the U1 train from central Vienna across the Danube to the European Geosciences Union 2018 General Assembly. On Wednesday morning, in what may have been a meeting first, some of them

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