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Amazon land rights face greatest threat

Failure to protect indigenous land rights in the Amazon region is undermining the safeguarding of forests and the reduction of emissions.

Will changes in tropical storms slow sediment flow to deltas?

Almost one-third of today’s sediment entering deltas is due to tropical storms, study finds

Humans are heavily influencing fire in North America

Climate change, land modification, including oil and gas exploration, fire suppression and fire ignition all play a role

Brazilian sugarcane sold to EU has greater water footprint

Reliance on crop from water-scarce northeast Brazil means EU-bound sugarcane is linked to higher water stress than sugarcane exported to China

Talking Point

Strategies for reducing ocean plastic debris should be diverse and guided by science Oct 19, 2016

The ever-increasing problem of plastic waste in the oceans demands immediate mitigation and reduction, says Chelsea M Rochman.

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Non-nuclear UK energy futures

Yet more scenarios have emerged suggesting that the UK can avoid the use of nuclear power and save money, while still meeting energy and emissions targets, by the adoption of energy saving strategies and the use of renewables.

Labour’s 65% renewables by 2030 plan

Labour has set a target of getting 65% of UK electricity from renewables by 2030 - ambitious but possible, given the political will, since 50% by 2030 is now seen as likely under current plans.

New RSPB 2050 energy scenarios

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) says renewables can supply up to four times the UK's energy needs without major ecological impacts as long as care is taken with the choice of and deployment at specific locations - they have opposed some projects in the past.

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