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New index offers snapshot of global water security

Plotting metric on world map shows progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 6

Combined heat and power could boost greenhouse emissions

Buildings with large variation in heat demand may run system continuously

Environmental impact overlooked as ethanol production drives grassland loss

First comprehensive analysis of land-use change across entire US ethanol sector

Climate change may not weaken surface winds

Sea surface temperature pattern acts against large-scale circulation slow-down in tropics

Talking Point

Can knowledge mining improve crop models? Mar 15, 2017

Study of literature on crop yield variability could help project food security as climate changes

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Can tidal power match wind costs?

Tidal lagoon and tidal stream turbine projects may get their costs down, but they are competing with offshore wind which is also getting much cheaper and has a larger potential resource, especially if floating wind turbine projects succeed. It may be a race, but they both deserve support to see what can be achieved.

Can tidal lagoons supply base-load power?

Could tidal lagoons deliver continuous power? High tides are delayed at each point around the coast, so in theory that might be possible from a network of distributed projects, although more sites would be available if tidal stream turbine projects and possibly small tidal barrages were also included in the mix. However, at neap tides all of them would have lower energy outputs.

UK Industrial Strategy – the energy dimension

The new UK Industrial Stategy includes a £28m energy R&D programme focused on 'smart power', including £9m for storage. That's small, but it's a start. Though for most of the rest it's market-led business-as-usual i.e. cuts.

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