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Rising sea levels come at steeper cost

Four studies detail latest on rates, impact, boulder-shifting and more

Snowpack declines in western US

More than 90% of sites in study show decrease

Deaths from storm surges have dropped

But climate change could counteract improvements in warning and evacuation

Europe's cars are 'untapped gold mine'

Around 20 tonnes of gold scrapped in vehicles each year

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Firm power parity metric

Some renewables are variable- so how do we account for the cost of balancing them? There are a variety of approaches- some looking at the cost to consumers, some at the costs to the energy system overall. The costs may not be huge, with well designed smart grid systems, but someone has to pay them!

The cost of power: moving beyond LCOE

Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) figures are widely used but are a poor measure of actual energy costs. Can we do better? Can balancing costs be included? And what are we actually measuring - the cost to generators or the cost to consumers?

Solar heating shines again

Solar heat collectors can provide heat for a range of users - homes, offices, industrial processes, and to power cooling systems. Heat can also be stored for later use, while hybrid PVT systems offer the best of both worlds, power and heat, with heat extraction improving the performance of PV. Solar heat is already very widely used. Globally there is over 465GW(th) in place, on a par with wind energy. PV is catching up fast, but solar heat also has a key role to play in the future.

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All the key issues and latest research on Geoengineering

The science behind the negotiations via our COP15 Focus

The latest research and opinion on REDD

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