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Battery power boost to renewables

Researchers have moved one step closer to the dream of the renewables industry: batteries that can store large amounts of energy cheaply for extended periods

Study shows dramatic increases in China’s economic exposure to earthquakes

Three seismic belts see most notable rises

Climate mitigation set to help air pollution

Co-benefits of climate action could see air quality rise

Simple climate change contribution measure ‘remains elusive’

Finding fair way to assess historical emissions proves complicated

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Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

The green power switch – all to solar

Solar PV will boom globally, so will batteries, helping the solar boom. That's now becoming a standard view as this and the next post review. It's good news, up to a point, but the devil may be in the detail.

Beyond technology: the demand side of climate change solutions

Can we rely on renewable energies and electric cars to win the climate race?

Solar PV and energy storage

Batteries and PV solar seem made for each other, and with the cost of both falling, we may see wide take up, says the Solar Trade Association. Though we will still need the grid for balancing and top up.

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All the key issues and latest research on Geoengineering

The science behind the negotiations via our COP15 Focus

The latest research and opinion on REDD

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The ERL Editors' selection of featured articles highlights some of the best work recently published in the journal

Bounding probabilistic sea-level projections within the framework of the possibility theory

Gonéri Le Cozannet, Jean-Charles Manceau and Jeremy Rohmer

Hydrological and biogeochemical constraints on terrestrial carbon cycle feedbacks

Stefanos Mystakidis, Sonia I Seneviratne, Nicolas Gruber and Edouard L Davin

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