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Solar power can save US lives and money

Switching from coal to solar could save up to 52,000 lives, study finds

Record UK rainfall in winter 2013–14 caused by the tropics, stratosphere and climate warming

Severe floods resulted from disrupted atmospheric pressure patterns

More than half world’s hydropower competes with irrigation

Boosting hydro-electricity production in some areas may harm food security

Storks off: power companies manage nests on pylons as population soars

Value of pylons as nest sites seems to offset stork deaths due to power lines

Talking Point

Meeting ecosystem needs while satisfying human demands May 31, 2017

While trade-offs are inevitable, science can help identify compatible water management actions that not only buffer against the worst effects of climate change, but meet ecosystem needs while satisfying human demands, says Joshua Viers

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Supergrids revisited – but for desert wind not PV solar

Supergrids can shift renewable energy from where it's easy to collect to where it's needed. But solar PV in desert areas isn't a candidate, says Gregor Czisch, whereas North African wind is.

Are we really all going to go off grid?

Going fully off-grid doesn't make too much sense, even with cheap PV and cheap home storage - there are system benefits from being able to balance variable supply and demand across a range of users, suppliers and locations. But home power and storage, if linked via smart grid systems, can help reduce peak grid demand, which may reduce overall system costs and consumer costs.

The limits of PV solar

PV solar is getting cheap and is being talked up a lot. It certainly has many attractions. But it also has problems - not least the fact that it doesn't work at night! Storage can help but other renewables are also needed to make a viable mix.

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The latest research and opinion on REDD

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Heightened fire probability in Indonesia in non-drought conditions: the effect of increasing temperatures

Kátia Fernandes, Louis Verchot, Walter Baethgen, Victor Gutierrez-Velez, Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez and Christopher Martius

Global temperature evolution: recent trends and some pitfalls

Stefan Rahmstorf, Grant Foster and Niamh Cahill

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