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Sea-level rise in 2100 could reach three metres

High-end probabilistic projection incorporates rapid loss of Antarctic ice sheet

Plastics industry should focus on renewable energy before biopolymers

Low-carbon power could cut North American greenhouse emissions by 38 million tonnes, with renewable feedstocks providing a 16 million tonne reduction

Could volcanic eruptions be predicted using satellite observations?

New approach combines satellite measurements with dynamic models

Amazon dams plan is set to cost the Earth

428 dams built, under construction or planned could harm rainforest by trapping sediment and preventing floods

Talking Point

Does certification make coffee more sustainable? Jul 20, 2017

Review by Ruth DeFries and colleagues assesses voluntary schemes for tropical commodities like coffee, bananas and tea

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

UK – not a lost cause

The UK obsession with nuclear aside, there is actually quite a lot of good stuff happening, in PV and on-shore wind, and with new offshore wind and tidal stream projects emerging. What is needed is the right political direction to steer progress...and, newly empowered, Labour is offering its services.

EU Renewables still boom, but growth slows

Renewables continue to expand in the EU, supplying 16.7% of overall energy in 2015, but the pace is slowing with political sensitivity to costs rising. Sweden led at 53.9%. The UK, at 8.3%, was well behind most other EU members, but is still ahead on offshore wind, though Germany is catching up fast.

PAGES young scientists find mountains, reservoirs and inspiration

They came by land, sea and air. The Spanish city of Zaragoza was hit by poster tubes, rubber-tipped keens and rapid-wicking travel clothes - the garb of a scientist. It was a sunny May morning as 80 early-career researchers from 23 countries, including us - Yoshi Maezumi and Vachel Carter - congregated in the Plaza de Pilar for the 3rd PAGES Young Scientists Meeting (YSM).

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All the key issues and latest research on Geoengineering

The science behind the negotiations via our COP15 Focus

The latest research and opinion on REDD

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