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Global warming contributed to Syria's 2011 uprising, scientists claim

US study claims regime’s unsustainable agricultural policies meant drought led to collapse of farming in north-eastern region and triggered mass migration to cities and added to feelings of discontent (from the Guardian)

Trees photosynthesized more slowly during 2010 Amazon drought

Growth continued whilst mortality rate doubled within a couple of years

ERL launches systematic reviews section

Reviews editor Dan Rubenstein of Princeton details his vision for Environmental Research Reviews

Asian cities growing in population faster than size

Unexpected result in East-Southeast Asia could mean changes for urban planning

Talking Point

Heat and drought extremes likely to stress ecosystem productivity equally or more in a warmer, CO2 rich future Mar 3, 2015

It is logical to expect that the impacts of today's heat and drought extremes are likely underestimates of what we can expect in the future with a high fossil emissions pathway, writes Christopher Williams

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Ditch climate arguments: they won’t help nuclear revive

The Nuclear lobby should no longer rely on climate change as a core argument, says ex-WNA lobbyist Steve Kidd. It's unreliable, and so are the green turncoats who now support nuclear. Instead nuclear should be promoted as clean, reliable and cheap.

Just how big is an XL pipeline?

Today we have a lot of options for sizing our purchases. Small, medium, large, extra large, venti, grande, nano, and the list goes on. These qualitative words are relative to cultures and languages across the world.

PV solar in Germany

Solar PV has boomed in Germany thanks to the Feed In Tariff- reaching over 36GW. It was initially expensive, and its rapid expansion led to high cross pass through to consumers. But costs have now fallen- as have FiT levels. A new Fraunhofer report looks at what might, or should, happen next.

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All the key issues and latest research on Geoengineering

The science behind the negotiations via our COP15 Focus

The latest research and opinion on REDD

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Director, Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH)

Posting date: Mar 5, 2015
Closing date: Mar 15, 2015
Fairbanks, United States

Professor in Environmental Science

Posting date: Mar 5, 2015
Closing date: Apr 6, 2015
Auckland, New Zealand