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Climate change slows, as well as boosts, sea-level rise

By increasing water storage on land, climate change has slowed overall rise in sea level

Air pollution raises risk of death 'for decades after exposure'

Longest-running study to date analyses long-term mortality risks of Britons exposed to historic particulate pollution (from the Guardian)

Climate change will increase London to New York flight time

Stronger jet stream could see airline fuel costs rise by $22 million

Climate change is altering Siberian forests

3-D simulation looks at shifting treelines under 2°C warming

Talking Point

The Arctic matters: extreme weather responds to diminished Arctic Sea ice Feb 2, 2016

The short answer to whether the disappearance of multi-year Arctic sea ice will make extreme weather events more frequent is yes....and no, according to Jennifer Francis.

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Green heat: not all going to plan

The scrapping of the UK's Green Deal and Zero Carbon Homes programmes has not helped its already poor showing on energy efficiency and green heat development, but recent studies look to new approaches which, if adopted, could improve the situation, most of them based on using green gas and heat networks.

UK energy policy – grinding to a halt?

Most of the UK's low carbon energy options are being hit hard by cuts, some, like CCS, almost terminally. Even offshore wind faces an uncertain future. Which leaves nuclear, and that looks even more uncertain.

Offshore wind – will the US catch up?

After a long delay and many local battles, offshore wind is at last getting started in the US, with maybe 10GW being put in place soon, though the EU (and the UK especially), Japan and China are well ahead in the race.

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All the key issues and latest research on Geoengineering

The science behind the negotiations via our COP15 Focus

The latest research and opinion on REDD

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Spring plant phenology and false springs in the conterminous US during the 21st century

Andrew J Allstadt, Stephen J Vavrus, Patricia J Heglund, Anna M Pidgeon, Wayne E Thogmartin and Volker C Radeloff

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