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Warming helps toxins to thrive

Climate change could exacerbate mould growth on poorly stored food crops

How does tropospheric ozone affect greenhouse gas budgets?

Enhanced soil respiration dominated suppressed methane and nitrous oxide emissions if ozone concentrations increased by 30 ppb

Air quality and health in US will improve from other nations’ actions to slow climate change

Other countries could contribute 62% of reduction in ozone-related deaths in US

Flash news: ozone hole smallest since 1988

Warmer Antarctic vortex brought fewer polar stratospheric clouds

Talking Point

Warning signs for stabilizing global CO2 emissions Nov 15, 2017

For 2017, Rob Jackson et al project emissions growth of 2.0% from 2016 levels, reaching a record 36.8 ± 2 Gt CO2. "Time is running out on our ability to keep global average temperature increases below 2 °C and, even more immediately, anything close to 1.5 °C," the researchers say

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Whatever happened to wave power?

Wave energy has not developed as fast as tidal stream technology and a new report asks, what went wrong with the UK support programme? The message seems to be that it was expected to become commercially viable too fast - that will take time. And for the moment, with the drive to ever sharper market competition, its prospects do not look too good.

Energy transitions in the UK

UK R&D funding options in energy need to be reconfigured with green heat systems being a high priority, although some still look to fossil carbon capture and storage (CCS), and nuclear, as two new reports illustrate.

The Helm energy cost review

Dieter Helm's review of UK energy costs suggests that radical changes are needed - a shift to a universal carbon price and a unified Equivalent Firm Capacity auction process for all energy technologies, with balancing systems requirements being included. It sounds simple, but the devil will be in the practical application - will sensible prices and enough balanced low carbon capacity really emerge from this market revamp?

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