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Nearly 60% of international food trade links decrease inequality

Exports from the US, Malaysia, Argentina and Canada are key to making global food availability more equal, researchers find

Checking up on the spread of Lyme disease

Sheep tick and Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria rely on surprisingly small number of hosts, quantitative review finds

Arctic tipping points put planet at risk

A warming climate is exposing the Arctic to the possibility of radical changes that could affect the rest of the planet, scientists say

Branchfall dominates carbon flux in lowland Amazon forest

LiDAR mapping enables more precise estimates of carbon cycling

Talking Point

The climate after Trump Nov 22, 2016

Environmental scientists’ views on the US presidential election result range from gloom to cautiously defiant optimism, with many calling for better communication and understanding

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Japan- pressure for more renewables mounts

Japan is still suffering from the results of the 2011 nuclear disaster at Fukushima, but renewables are buidling up, wind and PV especially, and are supplying over 30 times more electricity that the few nulcear plants that, despite continued public opposition, have been allowed to restart. With most of the rest likely to stay shut, and fossil fuel imports hurting the economy and increasing emissions, despsite a massive energy saving drive, there are calls for much more renewable expansion.

German energy balancing

Germany has roughly the same total on-shore wind and PV solar capacity in place (around 40GW each), but the wind plants produce much more output over the year and in winter especially. However, the PV solar capacity is more widely distributed and nearer to loads - much of it is on roof tops feeding power directly to the user, whereas wind is mostly in the north (as is all of the offshore wind as well), which means new long-distance grid transmission is needed. And installing that can be invasive.

EU Renewables round up

Renewables continue to boom across the EU, with over 240GW of wind and PV now in place, with costs falling. Cuts in support and caps on growth may slow things, but the long-term prognosis still looks good, with new options like tidal steam turbines also beginning to emerge.

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Health and climate benefits of offshore wind facilities in the Mid-Atlantic United States

Jonathan J Buonocore, Patrick Luckow, Jeremy Fisher, Willett Kempton and Jonathan I Levy

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7th IGRSM International Remote Sensing & GIS Conference and Exhibition 22–23 April 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci., Volume 20 (2014)