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Rising US maize yields due to skewed gains

Precision agriculture on the best soils has reaped rewards, researchers say

Global temperature hiatus claims ‘based on statistical errors’

Pitfalls of statistical analysis have led to incorrect claims of an unexpected or significant warming slowdown, say scientists

Bristlecone pine analysis improves accuracy of climate reconstructions

Temperature threshold differentiates between temperature- and moisture-sensitive samples; topoclimate analysis details changes in treeline position

Slice of Greenland ice melts into oblivion

Coastal glaciers in terminal decline as Greenland ice runs into the ocean and threatens to raise sea levels by the end of the century

Talking Point

Mapping farm size globally: benchmarking the smallholders debate Apr 26, 2017

Farm size is a key component in the hot debates about the future of farms, food production, food security and smallholders, according to Patrick Meyfroidt

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Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

Are scientists at EGU telling stories?

Yes, but only in the name of improving their science communication.

EGU 2017: Much groundwater is ‘surprisingly old’ but may be contaminated

Fossil groundwater often mixed with modern groundwater, leading to the potential for contamination with manmade chemicals, scientists find

Arctic sea ice: observations and models suggest open water in September by mid-2040s

Ice experts Julienne Stroeve and James Screen present results at EGU meeting in Vienna.

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Public health impacts of excess NOx emissions from Volkswagen diesel passenger vehicles in Germany

Guillaume P Chossière, Robert Malina, Akshay Ashok, Irene C Dedoussi, Sebastian D Eastham, Raymond L Speth and Steven R H Barrett

Gold-rush in a forested El Dorado: deforestation leakages and the need for regional cooperation

Camille Dezécache, Emmanuel Faure, Valéry Gond, Jean-Michel Salles, Ghislain Vieilledent and Bruno Hérault

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