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Flash news: radioactive iodine reveals ocean currents

Isotope from nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in Europe travels to Bermuda

Bioenergy carbon capture and storage plants ‘should be inefficient’

An inefficient BECCS facility is cheaper to build and removes more carbon dioxide per unit of power generated, study finds

Paying for forests has multiple benefits

Local financial incentives may conserve biodiversity and restore habitat

Climate change has rescheduled Europe's floods

Data analysis reveals shift in flood timing over last 50 years

Talking Point

Do we ignore climate risk dynamics at our peril? Aug 16, 2017

Less than one-third of assessments of future climate vulnerability account for the dynamics of both socio-economic and spatial aspects of climate risks, says Alexandra Jurgilevich

Planet Blog

Comment and analysis from our editorial staff and professionals in the field.

India and Japan press ahead – South Korea too

India and Japan are making progress on renewables - wind and PV, mainly - but coal use and nuclear are big issues. South Korea is to back off both.

China – even more renewables

China is leading the world in renewable energy deployment (over 554GW so far, including hydro) but it is having problems with grid integration of new wind and PV in remoter areas especially, so that the rate of growth has slowed while grid and storage upgrades are developed. Even so, it is an impressive programme, led by wind but with PV catching up.

US: energy in La La land

The US under Trump: renewables and climate policies get hit hard, with coal favoured. He may even try to revive nuclear. But there is strong resistance and no clarity about the future.

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