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Recycling electric-car batteries: what's greenest and cheapest?

Californian model for plug-in electric vehicles could help assess end-of-life recycling elsewhere

Global emissions stall in 2014 following slowdown in China's economy

Carbon-dioxide emissions stayed the same last year compared to 2013, data show, but falling oil prices may cause them to rise again (from the Guardian)

Dam model reveals impact on rivers

Tool could help planners reduce changes to flow and connectivity

Saving forests is more effective than planting new trees

Study of nutrient limitations reveals effect on carbon uptake by vegetation and release by deforestation

Tracking thunderstorms: the when and the where

Scientists analyse data from World Wide Lightning Location Network

Location is key for timing of Amazon tree growth

Researchers find change in seasonality from east to west, with implications for susceptibility to drought

Climate change aggravating cyclone damage, scientists say

Rising sea levels make island nations such as Vanuatu more vulnerable to storms and amplify the impact of tropical cyclones (from the Guardian)

Ocean-pipe cooling tech would actually warm

Forcing could be four times larger than brought by a doubling of carbon dioxide

Modern irrigation systems boost carbon emissions

Is water saving from pressurized irrigation in the Mediterranean outweighed by climate damage?

Texas has enough water for fracking

Shale-gas operations should not be limited by water availability if managed appropriately, researchers find

Heat is on to slow down faster rise in temperatures

New research warns that emissions will make drought conditions even more extreme as our climate moves into a period of rapid change

Climate change weakens summer circulation in northern hemisphere

Reduction of zonal mean jet revealed to cut storm activity and maybe boost build-up of heat and drought

Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation dominates Chinese drought

Since the early 1990s, Atlantic Ocean conditions have taken over from Pacific as the key influence on decadal summer-drought frequency

Zooplankton recovered swiftly from Deepwater Horizon

Apparent recovery took just months after 2010 oil spill

Is methane from thawing permafrost entering Arctic lakes?

Researchers find new mechanism for greenhouse-gas release

Atmospheric electric field reveals air pollution

Simple measurement technique can track urban aerosols

Nutrients boost forest-carbon loss from streams

Excess nitrogen and phosphorus speed decomposition of twigs and leaves

Global warming contributed to Syria's 2011 uprising, scientists claim

US study claims regime’s unsustainable agricultural policies meant drought led to collapse of farming in north-eastern region and triggered mass migration to cities and added to feelings of discontent (from the Guardian)

Trees photosynthesized more slowly during 2010 Amazon drought

Growth continued whilst mortality rate doubled within a couple of years

ERL launches systematic reviews section

Reviews editor Dan Rubenstein of Princeton details his vision for Environmental Research Reviews