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Solar power can save US lives and money

Switching from coal to solar could save up to 52,000 lives, study finds

Record UK rainfall in winter 2013–14 caused by the tropics, stratosphere and climate warming

Severe floods resulted from disrupted atmospheric pressure patterns

More than half world’s hydropower competes with irrigation

Boosting hydro-electricity production in some areas may harm food security

Storks off: power companies manage nests on pylons as population soars

Value of pylons as nest sites seems to offset stork deaths due to power lines

Slowly oxidizing peat releases as much carbon as burning in Southeast Asia

Results highlight need to tackle emissions from drainage, researchers say

Climate change causes killer heatwaves

As average summer temperatures rise in the tropics, so do the risks of mass death from killer heatwaves, climate scientists find

Global diet and farming methods ‘must change for environment’s sake’

Shift away from beef towards pork, poultry, fish or non-meat diet would have significant benefits, both for the environment and human health

Temperature changes starting to make it easier for malaria to climb the Ethiopian highlands

Threshold for low temperatures shifted more than 100 metres of elevation since 1981.

Can carbon markets conserve every forest?

Some landscapes will earn more than others, study of forest carbon storage in Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania and Mexico reveals

Could renewable ‘power-by-wire’ help fix China’s air pollution problems?

Long-distance electricity transmission could cut health impact and carbon emissions

Slower population growth could cut carbon emissions yet boost economic output

Modelling reveals potential for 15% higher income per capita and one-third lower carbon emissions in case study of Nigeria if nation moves to lower fertility scenario

Warmth will worsen wet and dry extremes

Proxy data from last Ice Age confirm climate model findings

Mystery of small clouds that ‘shouldn’t exist’ may be over

Humidity variations above Earth’s surface along humid sub-tropical shores could be responsible

Rising sea levels leave US coastal areas facing increased flood risk by 2050

Without cuts in carbon emissions, US coastline risk of ‘100-year flood’ could see average 40-fold increase by 2050

Can we achieve universal electrification by 2030?

Analysis of historic trends reveals challenges for sub-Saharan Africa in meeting UN sustainable development goal

Scientists chart peak orange

Onset of autumn foliage colouration could help carbon predictions

Economist wants truth on real cost of fossil fuel

A leading economist says the world should reject lies about carbon emissions, pricing them to show the real cost of fossil fuel

Temperatures to continue rising after we reach carbon zero

Scenario prior to zeroed emissions has strongest effect on warming commitment, study finds

Seasonal prediction could help Europe's energy planners

Reproducing influence of North Atlantic oscillation on climate provides estimates of available wind power and likely energy demand in winter

Scientists reveal vast area of ‘hidden’ forest

New estimate increases area of global forest by 9%