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Will warm springs compensate for summer drought?

In the US in 2012, earlier vegetation growth in spring balanced out weakened carbon sink due to summer drought

Adding CCS to power plants could cause river problems

Extra cooling needs would boost demand for water

Trees share their survival skills

Swiss experiment on the interdependence of trees gets to the roots of the role forests play in managing atmospheric carbon for the rest of the living world.

European air clean-up saved lives but warmed climate

EU legislation saved 80,000 lives per year, according to study in ERL

Designing for older concrete could cut carbon emissions

Higher design age means greater strength concrete and potential to use less cement

Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including mountain streamflow, climate policy, free trade’s effects on water, and more.

Rainfall patterns cloud climate changes

Analysis of data stretching back 12 centuries reveals questions surrounding climate models that have linked wet and dry weather extremes to current temperature rise.

How much carbon would adding olivine to the oceans remove?

Most of the carbon dioxide take-up is due to increased alkalinity, study finds

Increased variability of rainfall likely to cut crop yield

Study of India finds that more rain but on fewer days will be worse for crops like rice

Delaying greenhouse emissions cuts could make sea-level rise faster

Thermal expansion component of sea-level rise could increase 25 times more quickly, study reveals

Wasted food’s heavy burden on climate

As obesity levels soar, cutting the vast amount of food we waste could have a major impact on reducing the effects of climate change, as well as alleviating world hunger.

Conservation needn't cut agriculture profits

Analysis shows that ecological interventions such as cropland diversification of maize farming in Iowa can be market-driven

Russian peatlands boost natural methane emissions

One-third of Europe’s natural methane comes from northern Russian peatlands

History gives lessons on water scarcity

Efficient agriculture feeds more people with less water

Black carbon from outside urban regions may cause more than one-quarter of the pollution’s premature deaths

Study investigates pollution sources for Denver, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Joaquin Valley, New York City and Philadelphia

Street trees boost pedestrian comfort in summer

Trees better than cool pavements during day, study in California finds

Sea-level rise puts US power plants in reach of flood

Sixty-one plants beneath level of 100-year flood in business-as-usual greenhouse emissions scenario

Car-sharing can slash greenhouse emissions by one-third

Access to newer cars of a range of sizes helps keep harmful gas output down

Plants find cool response to warming

Everyone can breathe just a little easier about the future according to research predicting that warming may mean plants expel less carbon dioxide.

Hydroelectric reservoir emissions may compare to fossil fuels

Analysis of Amazon suggests hydroelectricity has greater climate impact than previously believed