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Amazon land rights face greatest threat

Failure to protect indigenous land rights in the Amazon region is undermining the safeguarding of forests and the reduction of emissions.

Will changes in tropical storms slow sediment flow to deltas?

Almost one-third of today’s sediment entering deltas is due to tropical storms, study finds

Humans are heavily influencing fire in North America

Climate change, land modification, including oil and gas exploration, fire suppression and fire ignition all play a role

Brazilian sugarcane sold to EU has greater water footprint

Reliance on crop from water-scarce northeast Brazil means EU-bound sugarcane is linked to higher water stress than sugarcane exported to China

Loss of Arctic sea ice thins Alaskan lakes

Model reveals that warm, moist air from Arctic Ocean heats land and brings snowfall to Alaskan North Slope

Europe must prepare for extreme weather

Cities and towns across Europe are warned to adapt to the battering they face from intense storms as extreme weather events become more frequent

Offshore wind plants that replace coal-fired power improve public health the most

Displacing electricity sourced from coal upwind of large populations could bring the greatest health benefits and save most money, study finds

Traded water pollution rising faster than total footprint

More attention should be paid to virtual grey water trading, researchers say

Is burning of municipal waste darkening the Taj Mahal?

Open trash fires emit more particulate matter that may darken the World Heritage Site's marble than the now locally-banned practice of burning cow dung

Pace of climate change too hot for crops

New study shows that the speed of climate change is now much too great for grassland species of vital food crops to adapt and survive

Solar energy farms alter temperature and humidity

Changes could reduce plant diversity but enable growth of crops like tomatoes

Rate of change is key for adaptation decisions

Considering only fixed amounts of sea-level rise may lead to economic loss

How is fire changing in the Mediterranean?

Frequency of large summer fires in southern France associated with windy and near-normal weather conditions has decreased, researchers find, while number of heat-driven fires has remained steady

Climate impact on crops will hit poorest

Global food production may need to rise by more than 100 per cent to deal with climate change’s effects on crops in the most vulnerable regions.

How to minimize soil erosion from soy growth

Distance from watercourse may be more important factor than climate and topography, researchers find

Carbon dioxide fertilization could boost photosynthesis by one-third outside tropics

Team uses measurements of seasonal variation in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration to constrain projections

Sharpening up emissions from Asian land-use change

Spread in estimates largely due to different definitions, researchers find

Pollution raises rivers’ deadly threat

Human destruction of wilderness areas has added to the pollution that puts millions of people on three continents at risk of water-borne diseases

Forest fires could hasten loss of Amazon rainforest

Tipping points found to be 4° temperature rise or 40% deforestation

What are ocean viruses up to?

Work to catalogue "global ocean virome" triples number of known populations, finds links to sulphur and nitrogen cycles