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Heatwaves likely 'every other year' by 2030s, says Met Office study

Carbon emissions continuing at their current levels will lead to dramatic rise in severely hot weather patterns in central Europe and the Mediterranean (from the Guardian)

Wildfires boost Australia’s carbon sink

Model’s surprising outcome "will also occur for other savannahs", authors say

Disaster looms if loss of Amazon rainforest continues

Brazilian climate expert proposes five-point “battle plan” in a war against the Amazon deforestation that is having increasingly dire impacts on the regional and global climate.

Peruvian peatlands punch above their weight

Rainforest ecosystems need protection to prevent release of stored carbon

Which mangroves store the most carbon?

Model could spur creation of mangrove carbon-market, researchers hope

New climate plans would cut projected warming levels

Climate change analysts say latest commitments by China, the US and Europe on emissions cuts could mean significant progress towards ensuring that global average temperatures this century will rise less than predicted.

Darkening snow: is soot off the hook?

Compound-specific radiocarbon dating could reveal that algae are the culprits

Peru trials forest-loss monitoring system suitable for REDD+

Technique based on Landsat data is accurate and easy to use.

Eating less meat essential to curb climate change, says report

Global livestock industry produces more greenhouse-gas emissions than transport but fear of a consumer backlash is preventing action, says Chatham House report (from the Guardian).

Volcanoes alter rainfall more than models predict

Over land, precipitation responds faster than air temperature, study finds.

Tribal lands are vital for Amazon carbon sink

As land rights of indigenous peoples are increasingly being violated, new research shows that destruction of Amazon rainforest is a major threat not only to cultural identity but also to the global climate.

Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including water consumption by energy systems, permafrost gullying, nitrous oxide emissions, tropical peat decomposition, the carbon footprint of Chinese solar cells, and more.

Emitters and their grandchildren will benefit from greenhouse-gas cuts

Peak warming occurs just 10 years after an emission of carbon dioxide, study shows

Scientists spot summer rise in refrigerant gas escape

Atmospheric levels of HCFC-22 and HFC-134a peak in summer

Device cools itself in the blazing-hot Sun

Passive system works without the need for a power source

Bristlecone pines lose temperature sensitivity not far from treeline

Study in California’s White Mountains reveals vertical elevation could be key for tree-ring-based climate reconstructions in the area

Reflecting sunlight into space has terrifying consequences, say scientists

But ‘geoengineers’ say urgent nature of climate change means research must continue into controversial technology to combat rising temperatures (from the Guardian)

Climate change set to boost Sumatran wildfires

Study indicates 25% increase in severe drought in coming decades

Transport pollution killed nearly quarter of a million in 2005

Particulate matter from vehicles caused 242,000 premature deaths

Climate change could cut West African sorghum yields by a fifth

Rising temperatures, rainfall changes and shifting monsoon set to harm crop output