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Cyclic drought threatens to destabilise Amazon

A dangerous mix of human-caused devastation and cyclic drought could start a vicious circle of forest dieback in the Amazon

New index offers snapshot of global water security

Plotting metric on world map shows progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 6

Combined heat and power could boost greenhouse emissions

Buildings with large variation in heat demand may run system continuously

Environmental impact overlooked as ethanol production drives grassland loss

First comprehensive analysis of land-use change across entire US ethanol sector

Climate change may not weaken surface winds

Sea surface temperature pattern acts against large-scale circulation slow-down in tropics

Should we power ahead with very large wind farms?

In strong wind areas such as the North Sea, clusters of smaller wind farms may be more efficient

Healthy diet good for climate change

US-based research has found that even a modest switch to a more vegetable-based diet could lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

What brings extra rains to the desert?

Changes in land and ocean evaporation, air circulation and local atmospheric stability found to cause precipitation anomalies

Drought may release carbon from hydroelectric reservoirs

Exposure of previously flooded sediments near dams releases greenhouse gas

Science seeks to slice bread’s climate impact

It may be a staple of many national diets, but bread’s climate impact, mainly through its dependence on fertilisers, is massive, researchers find

Mysterious electromagnetic emissions recorded in Finland

Scientists don't know how emissions are generated

Wind patterns forecast spikes in ozone

Easterly and anticyclonic winds could bring additional premature deaths from ozone exposure

Will shifts in rainfall timings harm tropical dry forest?

Drivers of tree phenology likely act on different timescales, study in Puerto Rico finds

Excess pollutants from Volkswagen diesels could cause 1200 premature deaths in Europe

Scientists model mortalities potentially resulting from extra NOx emissions caused by installation of 'defeat devices'

Inequalities fuel human impacts on climate

Scientists seek precision research tools to measure how human impacts and inequalities will feed back into future climate change

Soils emit nitrogen oxide even during winter

Study of German forest found around one-fifth of emissions occurred during cold season

Climate-friendly aircraft routing could cut damage

Cost increase of just 1% could see 10% reduction in climate impact of transatlantic flights

Battery power boost to renewables

Researchers have moved one step closer to the dream of the renewables industry: batteries that can store large amounts of energy cheaply for extended periods

Study shows dramatic increases in China’s economic exposure to earthquakes

Three seismic belts see most notable rises

Climate mitigation set to help air pollution

Co-benefits of climate action could see air quality rise