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Global temperature hiatus claims ‘based on statistical errors’

Pitfalls of statistical analysis have led to incorrect claims of an unexpected or significant warming slowdown, say scientists

Bristlecone pine analysis improves accuracy of climate reconstructions

Temperature threshold differentiates between temperature- and moisture-sensitive samples; topoclimate analysis details changes in treeline position

Slice of Greenland ice melts into oblivion

Coastal glaciers in terminal decline as Greenland ice runs into the ocean and threatens to raise sea levels by the end of the century

Rising US maize yields due to skewed gains

Precision agriculture on the best soils has reaped rewards, researchers say

Should we link investment in renewable energy to fossil-fuel subsidy reform?

New policy concept could overcome hurdles faced by international climate-finance providers looking to support "transformational" low-carbon development

Forests offer cool way to ease climate fears

New global database of trees affirms the need for greater conservation and protection of forests to slow the pace of global warming

Western Pacific pattern warns of major stratospheric sudden warmings

ENSO-modulated trend offers insight into stratospheric Arctic ozone changes and low-frequency weather variability

The changing face of tropical forest resources

Many villagers feel timber, fuelwood and forest food availability has declined

Vital groundwater depleted faster than ever

Global use of irreplaceable groundwater is exhausting the supply so fast that researchers say it will drive up food prices and hit international trade

Robust energy planning needs multi-decade climate perspective

Less than 10 years of power supply and demand data not enough guidance, researchers find

African forests threatened by global demand for commodity crops

Cocoa is fastest expanding export-oriented crop in sub-Saharan Africa

How will drought and warm years affect electricity supply worldwide?

Reduction in water availability hampers hydropower generation and cooling for thermoelectric power stations

Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

Scientific studies cast new light on the complex role soil microbes play in affecting ecosystems, atmospheric carbon levels and the climate

Burning of domestic waste causes 270,000 premature deaths each year

Emissions of small particles from fires harm human health

‘Modest’ rise in hospitalization due to future wildfires

Increase in hospital admissions of over-65s due to smoke inhalation as climate change boosts wildfires in Western US

Eliminating HFCs faster will cut climate harm

Phase-out of CFC replacements by 2030 would avoid 90% of their climate impact

Decision tree provides checklist for radiocarbon dating

As levels of fossil-fuel carbon in the atmosphere rise, scientists must look at carbon-13 as well as carbon-14, study finds

Cyclic drought threatens to destabilise Amazon

A dangerous mix of human-caused devastation and cyclic drought could start a vicious circle of forest dieback in the Amazon

New index offers snapshot of global water security

Plotting metric on world map shows progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 6

Combined heat and power could boost greenhouse emissions

Buildings with large variation in heat demand may run system continuously