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Are higher temperatures in store for the future than we thought?

Finding that temperatures before the last Ice Age were warmer than climate models project, indicates temperature projections for the future may be too low

New map reveals how roads devastate nature

Scientists call for urgent protection of ecologically valuable roadless areas as map shows that roads lead to loss of biodiversity and damage to ecosystems

Deepwater Horizon oil spill may have harmed red snapper larvae

Young fish were in worse condition during and after the 2010 spill

Climate change, not conflict, was cause of Middle East dust storm

September 2015 dust storm that hospitalized scores of people was probably due to unprecedented aridity

Barack Obama: clean energy is here to stay

Days before his presidential term ends, Obama expresses his belief in the ‘irreversible shift’ to clean energy and urges Trump to confront climate change

Artificial rock pools bring new life to ocean sprawl

Bucket-shaped concrete depressions in sides of Irish causeway act as home to many species

Landsat 8 tracks glacial flows, large and small

Satellite enables higher resolution monitoring of ice movement’s speed and extent

Growing algae for food and biofuel could cut greenhouse emissions

But farming algae for food alone would not produce long-term emissions reduction, study finds

Urban cropland loss puts harvests at risk

Soils face a global threat as population pressure, human development and swelling cities lead to mounting cropland loss

Residents of disadvantaged Australian suburb are pro urban greening

Study of thermal inequity in Gold Coast City shows citizens concerned about climate change

Worldwide glacier retreat is ‘categorical evidence of century-scale climate change’

Individual glacier movement represents a purer signal of local climate change than the thermometer, researchers find

Are reindeer combating climate change?

Herbivores reduce shrub height and abundance, boosting summer albedo and cooling local climate

Global warming already causing local extinctions

Almost half of plant and animal species have experienced local extinctions due to climate change, research reveals, with the tropics suffering the most pronounced loss

Warming has little effect on maize yields

Drought, not high temperatures, are cause of reported low crop yields

The Rhine is world’s most thermally polluted river basin

Power plants along Mississippi heat greatest volume of river water

Heroic explorers aid Antarctic science

Observations of Antarctic ice pack from expeditions a century ago are helping modern scientists to understand the impacts of climate change

Corn and soy production high on list for expiring US Conservation Reserve Program areas

Almost 30% of previously enrolled land reverted to intensive agriculture across midwestern US from 2010 to 2013, study finds

How would bioenergy with carbon capture and storage affect the economy?

Cost of mitigating climate change could be reduced but questions remain over the feasibility of rolling out solutions on a large scale

Central parts of Svalbard likely to lose all glaciers by 2100

Islands in high Arctic could lose more than 7000 sq. km of ice coverage under RCP 8.5 scenario

Africa’s dust is a priceless export

Scientists show how different the world would be without a sprinkling of the wind-borne African dust that fertilises oceans and forests