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No-till farming alone could cut yields

Study shows crop rotation and soil cover must accompany no-till to minimize yield drop

Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including pest outbreaks in the Arctic, thawing permafrost, intensifying rainfall, particulate carbon in lakes, and more.

Using herbicide boosted release of banned insecticide DDT

French lake reveals vineyard pesticide history, and effects of glyphosate on soil erosion

Measuring plant output reveals where food demand may outstrip supply

Study of net primary production in sub-Saharan Africa identifies vulnerable regions

Why are tornadoes clustering together?

Average number of US tornadoes each year remains same but numbers per month are reaching extremes, both high and low

Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6000 years, says study

Research finds 20cm rise since start of 20th century, caused by global warming and the melting of polar ice, is unprecedented (from the Guardian)

Helping models reproduce Chinese haze

Solar radiation-aerosol interaction could be missing mechanism, scientists say

Poll reveals public’s ocean worries

Research into sea ice, physical changes in the ocean, and impacts of climate change on marine organisms should be a priority, citizens say

Shift to renewable electricity would cut pollution too

First global comprehensive lifecycle assessment to 2050 reveals extra benefits

US targets novel fusion research

Technologies falling between tokomaks and lasers will be funded

UN biodiversity report highlights failure to meet conservation targets

Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 paints a damning picture of governments’ efforts to meet a set of targets agreed in 2010 (from the Guardian)

China’s ‘white revolution’ turns to plastic pollution

Use of thin, white plastic film mulch boosts crop yields but ultimately degrades soil

Soil stores more carbon than scientists thought

Global map reveals rain affects carbon turnover time at least as much as temperature

Century of northeast Pacific warming due to changing winds

Scientists reckon change in atmospheric circulation is key factor

New approach to fusion delivers copious neutrons

Magnetic fields and laser drive reaction

Russia grows half the wheat it could

Crop growth model suggests ways nation could boost its wheat yield

Singapore smoke haze comes from further south

Study sources bulk of smoke haze to fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan

Climate impact of black carbon severely overestimated, says study

Global warming efforts should focus on CO2, not soot particles known as black carbon, say Norwegian team (from the Guardian)

Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including the health outlook for underweight children, combining aquifer storage with dams, tree growth in the Mediterranean, groundwater buffering in the Amazon, and more.

Arctic sea ice: shrinking and complicated

Polar scientists got their heads together at the Royal Society last week