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North Atlantic ocean currents are slowing

Heat pump at its weakest in 1000 years

Brine shrimp mix up oceans

Collective vertical migration generates downward jets

Solomon Island logging set to harm water quality

Resulting soil erosion likely to be unsustainable

Old carbon drains from Arctic water systems

Results hint at 'permafrost carbon feedback'

Could the breakdown of rocks mitigate climate change?

Scientists assess if enhancing the weathering of rocks could remove large amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Warming climate increases Sahara's spread

Desert grown by at least 10% over last century

Methane from permafrost melt more than thought

Concerns over greenhouse gas 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide

Cosmic rays linked to increased mortality

Study of São Paulo claims significant correlation, but mechanism unclear

Feeding the world: is fish better than chicken?

Protein and calorie retention provide more detailed picture of food production efficiency

Statistics sharpen our satellite view of forest biomass

Human activities control carbon removal in most years for test case

Arctic ice depends on half a degree of heat

Under 2°C warming, Arctic could become technically ice-free once every 3 to 5 years

What’s going on with carbon tetrachloride?

Scientists attempt to trace sources of ozone depleter

Site of El Niño origin affects carbon cycle response

Carbon dioxide takes longer to rise for El Niños originating in eastern Pacific

‘Dieselgate’ impacted climate as well as human health

New study shows diesel cars with ‘defeat devices’ may have no environmental benefit over petrol cars

Ocean productivity at risk as climate warms

Decline could harm fish catch

Could targeted geoengineering cut sea-level rise?

Researcher propose interventions focused on polar glaciers

Wood-fired power generation could harm climate

Model shows warming is worsened this century even when wood displaces coal and forests are regrown

Where will palm trees reach their limit?

Expansion north depends on coldest month average temperature, study finds

Loss of unregarded forests is at danger level

Tropical trees are dying faster than 35 years ago, whilst 80% of woodlands are degraded

Importing meat may keep rivers clean

Some watersheds deal better with pollution from livestock farming