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News and analysis on fundamental and applied environmental science

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Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including PM2.5 emissions, the Indian summer monsoon, Arctic lakes, melt ponds and more

Wealthier people less likely to spot signs of climate change

Household survey in Nepal reveals perceptions linked to wealth levels and ability to read

Where is US aquifer water headed?

Study of virtual groundwater embodied in crops and meat finds nearly 10% heads overseas

Trade makes up bulk of urban carbon footprint

59% of carbon emissions in Xiamen, China, associated with imports

Climate change threatens 50 years of progress in global health, study says

But slashing fossil fuel use also presents greatest global opportunity to improve people's health in 21st century, says Lancet and UCL commission (from the Guardian)

Atmospheric changes boost temperature extremes

Altered atmospheric circulation patterns enhance heat extremes in parts of Eurasia and North America, and winter cold in central Asia

Warmer winters unlikely to cut death rates

Seasonal factors like flu, rather than cold, seem responsible for excess winter mortality

Do bioenergy crops emit too many volatile organic compounds?

Half the benefit of cutting fossil-fuel reliance could be removed by harm to health, study finds

Three Gorges Dam could be locking up carbon

Dam walls may prevent carbon in river sediment from reaching ocean and returning to atmosphere

Tropical precipitation is sensitive to aerosols

Study reinforces aerosols as "biggest uncertainty in climate science"

Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including corn yields, Dutch agriculture, US drought, land-surface modelling, and more

Which people have energy-efficient homes?

Survey suggests ways to boost take-up of measures like solar panels and loft insulation

Snow cover retreats further

Study finds 28% increase in June snow-cover retreat

One century of climate change equates to 300 years of land-use change

Ecosystems experiencing double whammy of warming temperatures and changing management

Global Apollo programme seeks to make clean energy cheaper than coal

Sir David King calls for £15 bn a year R&D spending on clean energy to make it cheaper than coal power globally, in emulation of space-race research efforts (from the Guardian)

Environmental research round-up

Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including Latin American land cover, Mediterranean fires, storm surge, aquaculture, and more

Malaria forecasts could save lives

Study of Botswana data shows 85% success in warning of strongest malaria seasons up to three months in advance

How to find the wind for turbines

Scientists study distance apart that wind-power plants see different weather

Golden eagles in the Swiss Alps are taking in lead from ammunition

Birds are consuming fragments of lead bullets and pellets left in carcasses and offal

Rapid Arctic ice loss linked to extreme weather changes in Europe and US

Arctic warming appears to be the prime reason behind fluctuations in the polar jet stream that is causing unusual weather, study says (from the Guardian)